Church of Saint Andrew & Saint Paul - Bach Solo Sonatas & Partitas 

I have had the great privilege of recording solo Bach for two advent services this month and am looking forward with great anticipation to recording the complete cycle of Sonatas & Partitas in the beautiful acoustic of this church to be shared in the weekly service between January and April, 2021

Christmas in La Tuque with Philippe Sly

I just returned from a wonderful week of filming and recording three Christmas concerts of Bach and Handel with Philippe Sly in the magical town of La Tuque. The videos will be released between Christmas and Epiphany. 

World Premier - "The Chipmunks & The Owl" by Sheila Silver

Between August and October 2020 Sheila Silver a wrote a short virtuoso solo violin piece for me to include on a recital program or to be used as an encore.  Sheila is an avid gardener and I have often visited her home in upstate New York, sometimes helping her with garden work and also going on walks discussing music and life.  Our shared interest in nature has led to the possibility of her writing a violin concerto for me to be titled “Earth Canticles.”  In the midst of a summer filled with fear related to COVID19, an awakening to systemic racism, and the impending election, Sheila decided to write something humorous and used the unusual invasion of her garden by chipmunks as her point of inspiration.  What eats chipmunks she thought?  “Owls” was the answer and created an imaginary drama between the Chipmunks and a Barred Owl.  “The Chipmunks & the Owl” portrays a timeless cycle of life in Sheila’s garden.  With extended virtuous violin techniques, theatrical musical drama, and a pitch-less cadenza, this work aims to give its audience a virtuosic, humorous, light-hearted and playful moment in a time of looming darkness. 

"Bach Odyssey" - Complete Solo Violin Sonatas & Partitas @ Chapelle du Bon Pasteur

I am very grateful to have had the incredible opportunity to perform Bach's complete solo violin Sonatas & Partitas in three livestream recitals this fall at Montreal's beautiful Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur. Videos recordings of the concerts coming soon! 

I Medici di McGill - Bach & Vivaldi Violin Concerti

I am very honoured to have had the privilege of recording Bach's E Major Violin Concerto and Summer from Vivaldi's 4 Seasons with I Medici di McGill Orchestra at the Church of Saint Andrew & Saint Paul.

I'm very grateful to Lawrence Vittes for writing a wonderful article in STRINGS Magazine about instruments I play - including my beautiful violin made for me in 2018 by Mira Gruszow & Gideon Baumblatt in Berlin.


What's in the case? 

"Learning from the past & shaping the future"

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