Béla Bartók - Solo Violin Sonata 

Sheila Silver Resilient Earth Four Caprices

Zosha Di Castri - Patina, Sprung Testament

Dinuk Wijeratne Sonata for Violin and Piano 

Emmanuel Vukovich - violin

Katherine Dowling - piano      Martha de Francisco -  tonmeister

Jean-Paul Desjardins - video      Leaf Music - production      Latitude 45  Arts - release tour

“Resilience” is a new project by violinist Emmanuel Vukovich inspired by the musical legacy of Béla Bartók. Collaborating with pianist Katherine Dowling, this project includes the world premiere of "Resilient Earth" - four solo violin Caprices by American composer Sheila Silver written for Vukovich in 2020-21, a newly revised Sonata for violin & piano by Dinuk Wijeratne, "Sprung Testament" and "Patina" by Zosha Di Castri, and Bartók’s monumental Solo Violin SonataIt also includes selections from Bartók’s Serbo-Croatian, Rumanian, and Turkish folk melodies archived at Columbia University and recently made publicly available for the first time. This programme is an expression of the uniquely creative voices and artistic relationships between the collaborators involved and an exploration of how diverse musical languages build on the tradition of cross-cultural musical synthesis first pioneered by Bartók over a century ago. 

The project is recorded for Emmanuel's debut album by tonmeister Martha de Francisco at Domaine Forget in February, 2022 including a ‘making-of’ documentary video by Jean-Paul Desjardins and produced by Leaf Music. The The album will be distributed globally through Universal Music Company and in Canada through Warner Classics. A release tour will be launched in July 2022 managed by Latitude 45 Arts.

Emmanuel wishes to acknowledge The Canada Council for the Arts for a generous Concept to Realization grant in support of the "Resilience" project and The Musical Instrument Bank and George Heinl & Co Limited for the generous extended loan of a beautiful 1753 Giovanni Battista Guadagnini violin.